Ambit 800-200

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Organisations can now take stock of their strengths and weaknesses by undertaking a 20-minute questionnaire.

In partnership with employers, we’ve developed an online self-assessment tool to help employers look at things such as people management, efficiency and culture to see if they’re on the right track. The Ambit™ tool takes just 20 minutes to complete by having it completed by a range of key people across the organisation it will give you a succinct report that echoes the collective view across the organisation.

The report gives you an up to date view of what is working well and less well and provides a sound basis for determining the action required to keep you on track towards your business goals. Ambit™ is tried and tested across other sectors of the economy and we think it has real potential to help organisations in the financial services sector.

It provides an objective assessment of whether you are moving in the right direction and allows you to take corrective action if required. It highlights both strengths and areas for improvement. Understanding what you do well can be a great basis for making improvements in other areas.

You can tell Ambit™ what is really going on in your organisation and we can then help you to make sense of that information, supporting you to take action and achieve your goals. Many employers are using this to get a better collective understanding across the organisation of the key priorities for action. In particular, HR managers and directors have been keen to use it to get proper buy in from other strategic players in their business to the learning and skills action they are taking forward.

We are keen to work with two or three organisations in the financial services sector to assess the value it brings to you.

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