Supporting the development of a skilled workforce

Supporting the development of a skilled workforce

The FSP provides authoritative industry-specific ‘how-to’ guidance, information and practical toolkits.

Leadership 21C: Board Effectiveness

Through discussion with employers and major stakeholders, including regulators, we have identified Board Performance as a critical issue for improving trust and confidence in the sector, driving growth and promoting employment opportunities.

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Become a e-career mentor for young people on work experience. This innovative industry led project enables young people to find out more about the financial and professional services industry. We need to support young people to experience our industry so that they develop the skills and knowledge that employers want.

Careers in Payday Lending

We have partnered with many of the leading payday loan companies in the UK to offer career opportunities for school leavers. These companies compare no credit check lending options with the consumer then being passed to lenders like Wonga. This creates job opportunities in processing the loan applications, customer service, dealing with interest calculations and explaining to people the difference between no credit check loans and regular lending.


Wales Funding Opportunities

The Welsh Government offer various funding opportunities that are available to employers in the Financial Services sector in Wales.

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Build Your Own T&C Scheme

Training and Competence is a regulatory necessity. Our intuitive and easy to use toolkit allows you to build your own T&C scheme and tailor it to your own firm, without the need to bring in an external consultant. Available to FSP partners.

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Competency Standards

Competent people are essential to business success. Support the recruitment, management and development of your staff by using the FSP’s National Occupational Standards (NOS): a suite of industry competency standards developed specifically for our industry.

Competency Standards

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Our complete online guide to careers in our industry, helping to attract talent and stimulate interest across the sector. A unique channel for our employer partners to offer fresh opportunities and engage with a younger audience.

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