Performance Toolkit



Performance Toolkits
Toolkits 1-5 (plus Toolkit Workbook)

It’s a proven fact that effective coaching helps people to improve their performance and achieve success. Recognising that some of the greatest examples of effective coaching can be seen in the world of top class sport, we have teamed up with some of the UK’s top sports coaches to produce an online resource to help leaders and managers in the business world to improve their own performance and coaching techniques.

Through short videos and a practical workbook, this resource will help you and your team to meet the challenges you are facing at work today and be in fantastic shape to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

You will receive:

  • Toolkit 1 – Introduction to Coaching - practical hints and tips, strategic advice and insight into the key themes of successful coaching to embed into your role and the wider business operations.
  • Toolkit 2 – Coaching Environment – learn how those that work with elite sports professionals value and establish the right physical and mental environment to improve performance and cultivate success.
  • Toolkit 3 – Performing – deal with working under pressure and understand how you get the best out of yourself and your teams in very demanding situations.
  • Toolkit 4  – Goal Setting – learn how you can use the techniques and approaches to goal setting that some of the UK’s leading sports coaches utilise when working with elite performers.
  • Toolkit 5 – Feedback – understand how to receive and provide constructive, positive and regular feedback that can enhance your performance and that of your team.

Our performance toolkit offers an easy access, low cost solution to help you to transform your own performance, the performance of those working for you and devote time to tackling those aspirational projects for the year ahead.